lasting luxury experience

Travelling to the European capitals is always a chance to experience culture and discover new things. In a quick tour of Madrid, Dublin and Milan I had delicious meals, visited amazing places and made excellent purchases at each of the three Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages near the cities I visited.

The adventure started in Spain; from the airport I went directly to the Urban Hotel in Madrid a five star property with excellent services and a terrace, perfect for a drink at the pool in the sunset. I was anxious to visit the boutiques at Las Rozas Villageto snap up some nice clothes for my closet, but before starting the shopping, a little break for lunch in the Village to try some typical Spanish food. Speaking of the pleasures of food, I went to Le Creuset to buy some of its famous cast iron kitchen ware. I am not a good cook, but I’m learning some techniques with my boyfriend, who works in the industry. 

lasting luxury experience :: madrid

lasting luxury experience :: milan

lasting luxury experience :: dublin


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