shoe of the week

Ainda na pegada da sneakermania o nylon for guys (link ao lado) elegeu este modelo metalizado como o must da semana. O calçado inaugura o observatório da imprensa de f a n z i n e u r b a n o garantindo o peso Barbarella do skate. Have fun!

While the Summer of 2007 flies by without any catchy nickname or cohesive catchphrase, sneaker companies and aficionados alike have been doing their best to cement Summer of Shine in regards to podiatric accoutrements. Supra’s silver and gold Muska Sky-Tops have been spotted on Jay-Z and Common Projects have given new meaning to subtle gold. But perhaps the best way to make your feet glow is with Pierre Hardy’s gold high tops. Without being too bulky, these golden kicks walk the line between sneaker and moon boot in the best way possible.


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